Episode 3: Reins of a Waterfall

We start this episode with some channel flips, featuring outraged / scared / shocked people:

Based on the principle of conserving shooting locations, I assume the first shot is somewhere on the UBC campus (since they would have already had student extras in the area). But, I haven't found it yet.

For the second shot, I'm not so sure - they could have taken a student extra and put a new coat on him, or it could be somewhere else in the greater Vancouver area. The building reflected in the window isn't a great clue.

We later join Amanda at Caprica General Hospital:

This is the Koerner Library at UBC. It was also used in BSG:

There it is.

We then join Daniel at the gym:

After meeting up with Sam Adama, Daniel and Joseph then visit a nearby alley:

Episode commentary turned out to be very helpful here - it was pointed out that this is the most-filmed alleyway in Vancouver. Commentary also confirmed that the "gym" location is in the same alleyway. Here's the aerial:

The "gym" location is pretty obvious (the only building with enough room in back to park a bunch of cars). Here's the street view:

You can see the cross-bars overhead, the telephone poles, and the red building in the background that are also visible in the screen shots. The big-ass tree is visible as well. And if you need any additional proof, there's a "Church Office" sign behind Sam Adama, and there are church-related buildings all along Cordova Street. Don't worry, we'll visit this alley again later in the series.

Let's pay a visit to Little Tauron, shall we?

We saw this location briefly last episode:

Yeah, you remember. I called it the Ha'la'tha hangout before, but apparently it's Goldie's OTB.

We join Joseph who goes to meet a judge about a thing:

Per the episode commentary, this is a building on the UBC campus. We'll get more details later, but in the meantime, here are some pictures I took of the building in the summer of 2012:

Later, we visit the GDD:

I've come to believe this shot is almost entirely CG... if there are any real-life elements they are so artfully blended in that I can't tell one from another.

As far as the interior shots:

Per the commentary track, the interiors were shot at an abandoned building at the Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam. (They just said "former psychiatric hospital", but come on, we all know what they're talking about.) From what I've been able to tell, getting access to the interior of this building would be very difficult. We'll see the exterior of this building later in the series, but we already saw it in BSG as "the farm" on Caprica.

A couple more shots of Lacy's house, including an interesting clue - the house # is 685:

Under the assumption that (a) the house number was not changed for production and (b) it is in the greater Vancouver area, I used the City of Vancouver's online property map interface to show me all the locations that had the address # 685. After that it was a matter of cross-checking with Google Street View, and...

We get 685 W. 71st Ave. in Vancouver. As a refresher, check out this screen shot from Episode 2:

Continuing in the episode, we get another shot of the Willow house with a better view of the fence. Yay!

Clarice visits V-world:

Per episode commentary, this was also shot in the Riverview Hospital.

We catch up with Lacy assaulting a fellow student / monotheist:

I had initially assumed this was the Iona building at UBC, but per episode commentary this was another building on campus. Even more interesting, this building housed the interior scenes where we saw Joseph visiting the judge. But the big question: which building is it?

I ended up cheating a bit - I found a page on the UBC web site listing all their classroom buildings, and went through them one by one until I found the right one. Fortunately it was near the beginning of the alphabet:

Yay Chemistry! Visit this one on weekdays, kids, because it looks like it's closed on weekends. In the summer of 2012 I managed to make it to UBC on a weekday and took some interior & exterior pictures. Here are pictures of the outside of the building:


  1. I think the boxing in this episode took place at the boxing ring at the Astoria Hotel (in the same neighbourhood, 769 hastings st e

  2. Very interesting! I've been trying to find pictures of the Astoria's boxing ring, without success.