Episode 2: Rebirth

We start the episode with some Robot Chicken-style channel flips, including this one showing GDD agents in action:

The architecture of the building in the background seems very distinctive, but I don't have any ideas as to what it might be. The building material does seem to be brick, which narrows down the candidate locations quite a bit.

We next see Joseph accidentally waiting for Tamara in front of Promethea High School:

While there were not many clues in this scene, the features of the building led me to believe that this was an institutional facility (school, hospital, utility, government building, etc.). The kinds of trees that are visible and the shape of the street light initially made me focus my search on the Kitsilano / Point Grey neighborhoods. But going back and looking at where other scenes were filmed for this episode, I decided to re-focus my search on the main peninsula of Vancouver. In short order I found this:

This is the King George Secondary School on Barclay Street & Denman Street. It's much closer to downtown than I would have thought!

The minions later unload the U-87 at Daniel's lab:

There are some good clues here: - the construction visible in the van's window, the building visible over Philo's shoulder, the unloading area, the harbor... I suspected this might be in the Coal Harbour neighborhood, and a recent visit confirmed that this was shot just outside of a small building that is west of the Vancouver convention center. Here is the area where the scene was filmed:

And for what it's worth, the building across the street was still under construction as of May 2011:

We then go to Lacy Rand's house:

In Episode 3 I find the clue that allows me to locate this house! Here is the Google Street View screen capture of 685 W. 71st Ave., Vancouver:

As info, I don't believe the aerials shown above are near this house.

Next stop is the Willow house.

I figure this out in a later episode, purely by chance. It's at the corner of Park and First in New Westminster. Here are some pictures I took on a visit in the summer of 2012:

I know where Sam Adama chooses to ply his trade:

Here we see Sam and Willy walking under some awnings and turning a corner. A park is in the background. This is the corner of Georgia & Gore:

See - green awning, orange awning. Sam's window-breaking takes place just down the street:

The "quality meat" sign is clearly visible on the left; the store he is vandalizing is in the middle:

If there's any doubt, you can see reflected in the window:

The store directly across the street:

At one point in the episode we see a location that we'll return to later as the Ha'la'tha get-together spot:

Here's the street view at Powell & Gore:

And here's a picture I took in the summer of 2012:

 Speaking of Gore, when Sam & Willy are discharged from jail, the address of the building at 667 Gore is clearly visible, making this the easiest "get" so far:

We briefly join Sister Clarice at a mocked-up news stand:

I'm not sure where this was filmed - maybe Stanley Park? And by the way, notice the side of that stand says "New York Lottery", with a sticker over part of "New" and "York". Based on information I receive later, I believe this may be a holdover prop from The Watchmen, which was filmed in Vancouver.

Finally, we visit the memorial rally for the victims of the MagLev attack:

This area is just West of the Vancouver Convention Center:

That's it!

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