About this Site

Welcome to Visit Caprica: A Guide to Caprica Filming Locations. This site is devoted to chronicling the various filming locations of the TV series 'Caprica'. To get right to the meaty goodness, click on "Episode List" to go to any episode.

The goal of this site is to post screen captures of various locations from the series, and then document their real-life locations. This documentation can be in the form of personal photographs, Google street view, aerial pictures, etc. I've methodically gone through the DVD extras and various episodes that have commentary or podcast commentary tracks to see what information can be gleaned.

The advice of those who are more knowledgeable than me is always welcome. Feel free to e-mail me any time with suggestions, comments, or ideas.

So who am I, and why am I doing this? My name is Bart. I'm a 'BSG' and 'Caprica' fan located in Texas. I have, to quote Liam Neeson from the movie 'Taken', "a very particular set of skills." Specifically, I have a great deal of experience sorting through publicly available (or very little) information in order to find particular pieces of real estate. I started informally categorizing my 'Caprica' filming location notes, but realized that other fans might like to take advantage of this information when planning their own trips to Vancouver.

I do have a philosophy on which locations should be listed here and which shouldn't: if it's someplace I could reasonably expect to gain access to, I will put it here. That means that most exterior shots (even if they have had some modifications), as well as publicly-accessible interior locations, are fair game. If it's a set, a highly-dressed outdoor location (such that there isn't any identifying information available), or even an overly-CG'd version of a real place (such as Graystone manor), I'm not inclined to list it unless there's a compelling reason to do so.

This site is a fan site, through-and-through. 'Caprica' is copyright Universal Studios and possibly others, but definitely not me. Any pictures of mine, along my writing, is copyright me. Pictures from other sites are copyright those sites. You get the idea.