Unanswered Questions

Here are the locations from the show that I have been unable to locate:

Location in the background during a "channel flip" in episode 2:

From episode 3, two more "channel flip" locations:

In a deleted scene from episode 10, Lacy and Keon have a talk:

In episode 11, a murder goes down in an alley:

In episode 13, Amanda is in a park. Stanley Park, perhaps? I haven't been able to pin down the location:

From episode 15, I still believe that "Sinny McNutt's" was largely a real-world location:

Also from episode 15, the loading dock at Greystone Industries was surely not a set:

From episode 18 (specifically the epilogue), still looking for this under-bridge construction location:

If you have any ideas about these locations, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I think that Amanda's workplace is inside the SFU building that is standing on stilts on the artificial lake but I have not found any pics proving it :(

  2. I've also looked for pics of the Academic Quadrangle building and didn't see anything that would make me think it either was or wasn't the location of Amanda's office. Although for some reason, the bit of foliage you can see out of a window makes me think this is a ground-level building rather than one on stilts. There are still plenty of other buildings at SFU that it could be.

  3. The shore where Daniel lights the fires and where Zoe & Philomon talk in V-World are both filmed at Whytecliff Park near Horseshoe Bay: http://moviemaps.org/locations/14d

    The cove in V-World and the bed in the lake in V-World both seem to be shot at Sasamat Lake: http://moviemaps.org/locations/bx

    Thanks a million for website, it helped a lot in our compilation of locations.

  4. Brilliant! Thanks very much for the info.