Episode 13: False Labor

Spoiler alert! Episode 13, False Labor, ends with someone giving birth. But who?!

There's not a lot of outdoor action in this episode. There are two main focus points. First, Amanda meets with Duram surreptitiously in a park:

I assume this is in Stanley Park. I will need to find a map of the park (and perhaps try to cross-reference a list of buildings in the park with the one visible over Amanda's shoulder) to have a chance at pinning this location down.

In the other outdoor scene, Sam and a Ha'la'tha compatriot get ambushed by a rival group:

For those who have read previous entries, the neighborhood (Powell & Gore) should be obvious, as should the alley - the most filmed alley in Vancouver! I hadn't noticed the court building across the street from the alley before, so here is a street view to confirm:

On a personal note, I should point out that while watching this episode for the first time, I really felt like I had a chance to identify the various filming locations for this series. Sam driving past a business called Rice World took me to this part of town, and I was able to extrapolate a lot of information from there. Fun!


  1. I'm more interested in the two cars seen in the last four screencaps up there. Anyone knows what models are they?

    1. I do recall from the episode commentary tracks that the producers made an effort to use older / unusual cars like European models that aren't normally seen in the U.S. or Canada. Not sure abut these particular cars though.