Episode 12: Things We Lock Away

We get a nice CGI'd view of the Graystone Industries boardroom:
I normally wouldn't include it, but there are so few locations in this episode, I figured I'd better.
Yet another daytime view of the cabin: 

Later on we are able to discern an interesting fact about the filming around the Willow house. First, check out these screen shots:

These screen shots lead me to believe that the Willow house interior is actually the interior of the Willow house, rather than a set or another house. That's because the views out the front and back doors (as shown above) match those from the house. So if you're wondering what the inside of the house looks like, wonder no more. You've already seen it on the show. Here are the street view from the front & back of the house. You can see how they match up with what's shown above:

That's it!

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