Episode 11: Retribution

Word of warning - in the dark and / or rain, it can be really hard to determine where something was filmed. Fortunately, I'm pretty awesome.

We start this episode at the "Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport":

This is one location I definitely know for sure - SFU Surrey. Don't those wooden beams look familiar? Here are some pictures of the interior in the summer of 2012:

In this rain-soaked episode, this will be one of the few easy locations to spot.

After the op goes all wrong, the young terrorists flee:

Nice to know they have Prius taxis on Caprica.

Based on the letter shapes in one of the street signs I thought that W. Hastings might be a cross street in the scene above. I started checking out the streets that intersect Hastings in downtown, and sure enough:

This is at Hastings & Burrard. Note that the stairs on the left, the building, the sign in the building, the street sign, and the right-turn only sign all line up. (And in a crazy bit of serendipity, there's a yellow Prius cab.)

Lacy gets out:

I reasoned that this would be shot near to the scene above, so I looked for a nearby location that might match, and found this:

This is Burrard & Pender. The building on the right, the lights throughout, and the no left-turn sign all seem to match up. Plus you have the dual power / trolley / whatever lines running overhead.

We get a nice picture of the Burrard Bridge:

And a guy in a car decides to kill himself. Whoops, I forgot to say "spoiler alert".

My best guess as to this location is an elevated SkyTrain station, likely one built recently (say 2009). For example, the Aberdeen station in Richmond:

I'm not saying that is the SkyTrain station used, but there's precious few clues available.

Clarice oversees a killing in an alley. Awesome? Yes. Lots of visual clues re: the location? No. It might have been shot on the Watchmen backlot, but without an all-access pass it would be hard for me to pinpoint the exact location.

Lacy decides she'd rather be with crazy Barnabus than out getting hunted by Clarice:

Lacy is on the roof of the Coal Harbour Community Centre. The railing and planters match, plus you can see the masts of sail boats behind her:

Daniel leaves a parkade:

The visual effects department should have spent more time on Daniel's fake beard than on altering the "Coal Harbour Parkade" sign to read "Harbour Parkade":

This is near the corner of Jervis and Hastings. And yes, I know that the fake beard is in the realm of hair & makeup, not visual effects. Still.

Agent Duram has a rainy chat with Clarice:

It turns out the key to cracking this scene was the yellow & black sign in the window behind Duram... the only word I figured it could be was "Mink", so I searched for "Mink Vancouver" and came up with the Mink Chocolate Cafe. At 900 Cordova, you can see all of the elements of this scene:

Duram and Singh have their own chat:

The buildings in the background are at Oceanic Plaza, which we've visited before:

There is a walkway across the street, and that's where the staircase is:

Here's an actual picture:

Later we go to the outside dining area at Graystone Industries. Call me crazy, but I'd eat inside that day.

This at Oceanic Plaza. Aerials and street views don't give a very good look at the plaza itself, but here's some location pics:

We get a daytime view of the cabin:

Clarice on the street:

This is back at Hastings and Burrard; it makes sense that they would film this night street scene at the same time & place as the others. The street signs on the right match the street view below (plus you can make out the word "Hastings" in the screen cap above):

In a deleted scene, there is more rainy courtyard action:

This takes place at Portal Park near Cordova & Thurlow. You can see most of the elements in this aerial:

The garage behind Duram is in line-of-sight from Portal Park, but is on Pender:

Here's some pics from the location itself:

In another deleted scene, Clarice has a clandestine chat with Olaf:

The Renaissance Vancouver in the background helps pinpoint this location nicely; it's under a walkway outside of the Coal Harbour Community Centre:

Here is a picture from the location itself:

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