Episode 6: Know Thy Enemy

We start the episode with a look at Vergis Corp's headquarters on Tauron... clearly the planet isn't all bad:

With very new construction and a distinctive roof, I figured this was part of the Central City development in Surrey. Sure enough:

Simon Fraser University does it again!

We cut to Daniel & Amanda having fun because no one's being particularly awful to them:

This scene was shot at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. When you visit the museum, you find that the room where Daniel and Amanda were dancing is not within view of the room where Daniel "sees" Tom Vergis... I appreciate artistic license & all, but still a little annoying.

Here are some pictures of my visit to the MoA:

You can see this little Darth Maul lookin' guy over Amanda's left shoulder.
This sculpture's so famous it's on Canada's $20 bill.
Joseph later gets an unexpected tour of virtual Graystone Industries:

Still the BCIT...

 We later visit the "docks" where Barnabas and his STO crew hang out:

This shot seems to be almost entirely CG.

We later get yet another look at the Willow house:

Our final location in this episode is a V-World social club where Philomon and Zoe meet:

Podcast commentary came in handy here, after several episodes of not being handy. During the filming of the pilot, several other scenes were shot that were meant to take place in V-World, this being one of them. That's why there are so many people in an obviously real space. Since the V-Club scene we saw in the pilot was filmed in the Vancouver Orpheum, it stood to reason that this was as well. Note that we're eye-level with a chandelier, meaning we're on the upper level.

Turns out I didn't get an exact picture of this location on my Orpheum tour, but here are some chandelier pics.

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