Episode 18: Apotheosis

We begin the final episode of Caprica with Clarice and Olaf arguing and being interrupted by GDD Director Singh:

The unique set of variables here (office building, the trees & walking path, and the view of North Vancouver) led me to Harbour Green Park, located along Coal Harbour between Thurlow & Jervis (approximately). Here's the building, located at Cordova & Bute:

In this picture, you can see the west side of the Vancouver Convention Centre. At night, I believe lights come on that reveal the chevrons you can see in the screen shot. You can see their general outline if you zoom into the picture below:

Thin trees & benches (like those in the shot of Clarice & Olaf) are all over the park, making it difficult to figure out which particular one was used.

Daniel and Amanda return to the Cleveland Dam park (see Episode 16 for more info).

Daniel and Amanda run all over Coal Harbour:

Here are some pics from when I ran all over Coal Harbour finding these locations:

 Director Singh takes a call in person:

Turns out this is a return to the "old neighborhood", specifically Little Tauron. The Director is in fact standing in front of the court building in that neighborhood, and you can see the building with red doors in this street view:

 Back to Coal Harbour:

(See above for some pics of this location.)

Random shot of the Marine Building:

More Coal Harbour:

This was shot in front of, around, and on top of the Coal Harbour Community Centre:

And finally, the epilogue. The first construction picture was taken at Broughton & West Pender (notice the glass awning of the building in the background). Thanks to Flickr user Blu Jade in Vancouver for this hint.

Here's the street view of this location:

The second construction picture has been harder for me to find... it is definitely under a large elevated roadway with a Skytrain line visible beyond, running at an angle to the road.

This next location game me a headache for the longest time, until I recognized the red brick building. This scene was shot from the top of the Coal Harbour Community Centre, which does have a rounded & grassy dome on top of it.

My pics from the top of the Centre... keep in mind that since the trees are leaved it's a lot harder to demonstrate that this is the place. But you can piece it together pretty easily once you spot all the elements:

And that's the series! I will always be bummed out that the series did not get renewed, but it provided me with a great opportunity to get to know Vancouver and to appreciate some actors that I was previously unaware of.

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