Episode 17: Here Be Dragons

We start the episode in the Forest... see Episode 16 if you need more details.

Fidelia and the Guatrau are taking a walk in a landscape so featureless that I started scrutinizing details of the slope of the hill and the tree to see if I could figure anything out... my best guess is that this is in one of the shoreline parks in Vancouver, but unless I run into the tree personally I'm not going to spend any time looking for it.

The Adamas park a car in an alley:

The building in the background is the Harbour Centre, which means this alley is in Gastown, Chinatown or Little Italy... Using the principle of filming location conservation, I suspected that this was in close proximity to the "Goldie's" building, since the actors go from the car to the building. For some reason, the street views available here are somewhat lacking, but here is an aerial that makes me think this is the correct place:

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